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The Lost Hero Chapter 34

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Chapter 34


  • And now they're surrounded by wolves.
  • The next bad guy pops up: He's a Latin-speaking, nasty-looking guy named Lycaon, king of the wolves.
  • Back in the day, Lycaon asked Zeus to dinner and tried to feed him human flesh, so Zeus killed all his sons in retaliation… which seems maybe a little excessive. He also turned Lycaon into the first ever werewolf.
  • Lycaon says he won't kill Jason because some other woman wants to kill him first. He will, however, happily kill everyone else.
  • Piper tries to charmspeak Lycaon, but as is often the case, it doesn't work.
  • Jason uses his sword, but it just goes through Lycaon, who can only be hurt by silver. Bummer.
  • Leo throws some gasoline and lights it on fire, which keeps the wolves off. He tires out quickly, though.
  • It looks like the end… but since there are still a bunch of pages on the right side of the book, it probably isn't.
  • And, sure enough, arrows come flying out of nowhere, killing lots of wolves.
  • Lycaon gets hit with arrows, and actually yells, "Curse them!"
  • Good-guy white wolves show up, followed by the Hunters of Artemis.
  • Thalia is with them, and Jason finally gets to meet his sister.

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