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The Lost Hero Chapter 35

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Chapter 35


  • Leo gets an instant crush on Thalia, and Thalia and Jason hug (sibling-style).
  • Apparently Jason got the scar on his lip by trying to eat a stapler when he was two (for more on this check out the "Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory" section).
  • Thalia wants to talk but Piper collapses, so Thalia orders Hedge and Leo to take her to Phoebe, another hunter who is good at healing and happens to be just outside.
  • Jason asks Leo to stay with him while he talks to Thalia, because he is freaked out by meeting his sister.
  • Jason explains about his amnesia and all of their adventures.
  • Thalia tells him that their mom was kind of nuts, and that she got super upset when Zeus left after Thalia was born. Apparently she got better when Zeus came back, but then completely lost it when he went away again.
  • Thalia says that when Jason was two their mom gave him to Hera. Thalia tried to find him—even calling the police on her mother—and then she ran away from home.
  • They figure out that when Zeus came back to their mom he was in his Roman aspect as Jupiter, which is why Jason speaks Latin and knows Roman sword fighting and such.
  • Thalia is trying to find Percy Jackson, but says she'll take them to Aeolus first.

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