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The Lost Hero Chapter 36

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 36


  • They find that Phoebe has set up a comfy tent and Piper and Hedge are drinking hot chocolate. Leo wants some, too. If you've got a hankering for hot cocoa, now is a good time for a break. We'll wait.
  • Cue Jeopardy! music.
  • Ready to dive back in? Okay. Onwards.
  • The group sets out quickly toward Aeolus, who apparently lives on a floating purple island above Pike's Peak.
  • There's an ice bridge to the castle, which doesn't look all that safe.
  • Jason figures they'll have to use the bridge because he's not sure he can control the winds to fly them up.
  • Thalia is shocked to hear Jason can fly. She is afraid of heights, which seems strange for a daughter of Zeus, but maybe she has a bad relationship with her dad.
  • Leo suddenly remembers Hera calling Jason a bridge, and he gets all excited. He and Thalia start discussing the idea that Jason might have been an exchange for Percy Jackson.
  • Thalia also knows where the Wolf House is, the place where Jason's dream said that Hera is being kept.
  • Unfortunately, Leo has gotten so excited he melts the bridge. Jason and Leo manage to scramble up toward the rock, but Thalia is left on the wrong side.
  • Thalia backs down and says she'll meet them at the Wolf House, holding down the fort until Leo, Jason, and Piper can rescue Piper's dad.
  • She also says Jason will know where the Wolf House is. But what about his amnesia?

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