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The Lost Hero Chapter 38

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Chapter 38


  • Mellie leads them to a great chamber with no floor and television equipment floating everywhere.
  • She gets lots of assistants to build a floor right quick for them. It looks a little unsteady, but seems to hold them up just fine.
  • They find Aeolus, who recognizes Jason. He met him when Jason was on his way to fight a sea monster apparently, though Jason doesn't remember because he's got amnesia.
  • Aeolus is primping to go on television. Ruler of the air, get it?
  • They remind Aeolus that he ordered all demigods killed on sight. He says he was just feeling grumpy, and rescinds the order.
  • Aeolus gives a weather report—he's constantly in touch with the gods through his earpiece, making weather as their orders come through.
  • Our heroes figure out that Aeolus is kind of insane.
  • Aeolus thanks them for the storm spirits and asks if they want anything else. Mellie says Jason is a son of Zeus and they're there from Olympus.
  • This gets Aeolus all excited; he thinks he might get a promotion from "master of the winds" to "god of the winds." He says gods have better benefits.
  • He eventually figures out that they aren't going to promote him and is cranky.
  • Piper asks him sweetly for information and he gives her a picture of her dad from his wallet. Apparently everything that blows away in the wind ends up with Aeolus. No wonder his place is such a mess.
  • He also gives Leo the picture of the flying boat he drew as a kid.
  • They suggest to Aeolus that he just tell them the location of the giant who is holding Piper's dad, and then the giant can tell them where Hera is, and when Hera is freed she'll be grateful and maybe promote Aeolus.
  • He listens and all the gods talking to him through the headpiece think he should help them, too.
  • Hedge appears again and Mellie is smitten. Wind spirits like fauns.
  • Aeolus tells them that the giant Enceladus is on Mount Diablo, east of San Francisco.
  • The wind guy is about to send them there, but then he hears from the evil earth woman. He's afraid of her and decides he'll have to kill them all to appease her.
  • He gets storm spirits to zap them, but Mellie saves them, at least for the time being.
  • Mellie and Hedge plan a date, and Mellie says she'll hold back the storm spirits.
  • Then they're all shot out into the air. Jason blacks out.

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