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The Lost Hero Chapter 39

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Chapter 39


  • Piper is remembering or having a vision of hanging out with Jason on the roof of the Wilderness school and dancing with him.
  • Then she has a vision of being back in the department store, but instead of Medea being there, her mom—Aphrodite—is.
  • Aphrodite says Piper is good at sensing possibilities, and that the possible romance with Jason might happen.
  • She also explains why she didn't tell Piper's dad she was a god—he'd crack from the knowledge. She gives Piper a potion to erase his memories so he won't be permanently broken by knowing about gods and giants.
  • Aphrodite tells her that Gaea, the earth, is their enemy, which is supposed to be a big reveal, but mostly it's just another evil bad guy name. Anyway, Gaea is the earth, and she's tough.
  • The goddess adds something cryptic about bringing two sides together, and then the dream fades out.

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