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The Lost Hero Chapter 42

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Chapter 42


  • Piper goes for her dad, Leo goes for the bulldozer, and Jason confronts the giant… who isn't as surprised that they're there as they'd sort of hoped he would be.
  • Hedge challenges the giant too, which again doesn't exactly scare him since he's thirty feet tall and Hedge is a wee little thing.
  • Big battle now. Giant breathes fire and bashes the earth to make it shake. Coach Hedge is valiant, but is knocked out almost instantly.
  • The giant offers Piper her life and her dad if she swears loyalty to him.
  • Then he roars and summons up a bunch of other evil earth monsters, as if our heroes don't have enough troubles.
  • Piper tells Enceladus she's not going to help him, so he orders the Earthborn (that's the earth monsters) to kill her dad.
  • Leo gets in the crane and starts whupping Earthborn.
  • Meanwhile, Jason's fighting the giant and Piper is freeing her dad.
  • The Earthborn smash the crane with stones; Leo gets out and uses his remote control to attack them with the bulldozer.
  • The last Earthborn goes after Piper. Leo tries to stop it, and right as it's about to kill him, Piper slashes it from behind. Go team.

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