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The Lost Hero Chapter 44

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Chapter 44


  • Leo saves the day with one of those construction things, sending a big hydraulic axe into the giant's head and knocking him into the pit.
  • Piper helps Jason to his feet.
  • Despite an axe to the head and falling to the bottom of the pit, Enceladus still isn't dead, which seems unfair.
  • He says he can't be killed by gods or heroes, and Jason remembers he can only be killed by both fighting together.
  • So Jason asks his dad for help. In case you've forgotten, Zeus is his dad.
  • Meanwhile Piper uses charmspeak to momentarily distract the giant, and Jason tackles him.
  • Zeus shoots a lightning bolt through Jason and into the giant.
  • The giant slips into the crater, which is splitting open, and falls deep into the earth, spouting super villain dialogue as he goes.
  • Our heroes won the battle.
  • Hedge wakes up and starts boasting about how he won, and Piper's dad is a mess.

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