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The Lost Hero Chapter 46

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Chapter 46


  • They arrive at the Oakland airport, where Piper tells the guys she can't help them fight Hera because she has to get her dad home.
  • Then Hedge offers to take Tristan home. He admits he's really a protector instead of a fighter, though he's clearly pretty good at fighting too.
  • Piper gives her dad the potion and tells him it will wipe his recent memories.
  • He's upset because he knows he'll forget that she's a hero, and he tells her that he was distant because he didn't want to expose her to his life.
  • But then he takes the potion and it knocks him out. They've called his private plane, and Hedge gets him into it.
  • No rest for the weary though: Thalia appears and tells them they need to hurry because they've found Hera and are holding off the giant's minions.
  • Jason figures out where they're keeping her when Thalia mentions a park and Jack London.
  • Piper convinces the pilot to lend them her plane, and Leo pilots them off.

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