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The Lost Hero Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

  • They fly into an ice storm, which is not the sort of weather you're supposed to have in Sonoma, California.
  • They land and a giant ice boulder smashes the helicopter.
  • The battle is raging everywhere—Thalia kills an ogre and greets them.
  • She tells them the monsters re-form after they're killed, which makes winning difficult.
  • Hera's inside, and Thalia figures they need to free her before dark or Porphyrion will rise and the monsters will be stronger and everything will be higgledy-piggledy.
  • They realize this is the place where Jason's mom left him.
  • And then they find Hera in the mansion courtyard. She's in a cage, and beside her is the giant rising out of the earth.
  • Hera and Thalia bicker. It seems these two don't like each other much.
  • And then Leo and Jason and Hera bicker.
  • Hera tells Leo to break her out already. He tries to figure out how, and gets an idea that Piper might be able to help, if there's time.
  • But of course mentioning needing time is a bad idea.
  • A wolf drags a frozen Thalia in, and Khione appears again, yammering super-villain threats.

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