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The Lost Hero Chapter 49

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Chapter 49


  • Khione does more super-villain ranting and threatening, in addition to freezing Hera's cage to shut her up.
  • Khione boasts about having used her secret whispery snowy voice to lure Hera into a trap, to convince Zeus to close Olympus, and to make Aeolus order demigods killed. The gods seem pretty stupid if they're just listening to random voices on the wind, but maybe that's why they need demigods to help them out.
  • Khione also says she's the one who froze Festus's control circuits.
  • She figures that killing Jason will poison the ground, and she'll blame it on Piper and Leo from Camp Half-Blood, which will outrage Jason's brethren (whoever they are).
  • Khione throws around some more threats, and then offers to let Leon be her champion if he betrays his friend, but he says no way.

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