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The Lost Hero Chapter 50

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Chapter 50


  • Jason manages to capture a storm spirit horse named Tempest.
  • Piper is charming and then killing monsters as they smile at her, and Leo is fighting Khione and melting all her evil ice weapons.
  • They beat the monsters and Khione runs away.
  • Hera's cage has melted, but now the earth is claiming her. Leo tells Piper to talk to the cage and convince it to get sleepy.
  • Leo gets a circular saw and plugs it into Tempest the horse.
  • They're making progress on the cage when Porphyrion wakes up. And guess what? He's even scarier than Enceladus.
  • Jason tries to distract him by getting him to boast.
  • The giant says they're going to destroy the gods at their root, which presumably means in Greece.
  • Jason climbs the giant, grabs a sword from the giant's hair (the giant has weapons in his hair—don't ask us why), and stabs him in the ear. Lightning blasts the sword.
  • The giant isn't that hurt, though, and Jason figures this is the end.
  • But then Leo and Piper open the cage and Hera gets out. She tells her heroes to cover their eyes, but Jason is too out of it to follow orders. Hera goes supernova, which is bad for Jason.

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