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The Lost Hero Chapter 51

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 51


  • Jason is out cold. Piper is trying to call him back, though Hera says it's no use.
  • Monsters, winter, and all signs of battle have been erased from the valley by Hera blowing up.
  • The Hunters are awake again, and Thalia wants to know why Hera doesn't heal Jason.
  • Piper charmspeaks Jason to bring him back to life, which, much to Hera's surprise, gets the job done.
  • Thalia and Hera bicker, but Piper tells them to cut it out. Everyone is impressed; it's not just anyone who can stop Thalia and Hera from bickering.
  • Hera says Porphyrion is still free, and they all think he ran to Greece.
  • Thalia goes off to tell Annabeth about what happened.
  • Hera explains that Jason's mom had two children by two different aspects of Zeus, the Greek and the Roman.
  • She also says that the Wolf House (where they are) is where Roman gods start their demigod journey.
  • So Jason has been at the place for the Roman demigods most of his life.
  • Hera says she won't tell them everything because she doesn't want to give away too much to the readers right away. Okay, she doesn't say that, but it sure feels like the reason to us.
  • She also says that Jason's storm spirit horse is okay somewhere, which is a relief, and then she zaps them all back to Camp Half-Blood, because gods can do that sort of thing.
  • They end up standing on the Aphrodite table.
  • Leo throws up in a brazier. Poor guy—that's a heck of a way to end your quest.

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