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The Lost Hero Chapter 52

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Chapter 52


  • The heroes tell their story to the campers before going to sleep in the Aphrodite cabin.
  • Piper wakes up to find Drew and her minions standing over her.
  • Drew says Piper's got to get up and clean the cabin, but Piper's fought giants, so she is unimpressed.
  • Piper challenges Drew for control of the cabin and Drew—wisely, we think—steps down.
  • Piper warns her not to mess with Jason, and then everybody cheers for Piper. Nobody liked Drew.
  • Chiron sets Piper up with a computer so she can video-conference with her dad.
  • Tristan's been on the front page for returning from his mysterious absence, and Jane got fired for being a jerk (kind of like Drew).
  • Hedge hired the poor park service ranger who Piper talked out of a helicopter to be her dad's personal pilot, and Mellie was hired to replace Jane. Happy endings for everyone.
  • Tristan's back to normal. Even though he doesn't remember that she's a hero, he's still proud of Piper, which is sweet.
  • Piper finds Jason and they engage in leisurely flirting. No kissing, but Piper's pretty sure she's got him.
  • Piper also gets rid of the Hunters of Artemis card that Thalia gave her. No giving up boys for this girl.

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