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The Lost Hero Chapter 53

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Chapter 53


  • Leo shows his cabin mates that he can use fire, and they are appropriately impressed.
  • He also shows them the secret Bunker Nine. They are even more impressed than before.
  • They find Festus's head, which Hephaestus brought here so Leo could reuse it.
  • There are lots of blueprints for weapons and such, too.
  • Chiron explains that the bunker was built during the Civil War, when demigods fought one another (conveniently at the same time as the American Civil War).
  • One side in the war was Camp Half-Blood, and the other side was the Roman camp.
  • They look at the blueprint of a ship on the wall and realize it's just like Leo's crayon drawing when he was a kid. Also, Festus is the prow of the ship.
  • Leo says he'll build the ship and call it Argus II. Then they'll fly it to Greece.

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