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The Lost Hero Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


  • More about Beckendorf: He was super awesome and died in the Titan War fighting with Percy Jackson. (Again, Leo could have saved himself some trouble if he'd just read those Percy Jackson books.)
  • More about that curse, too: Everything's going wrong for Cabin Nine.
  • Leo meets the other demigods from Cabin Nine, and one of them, Nyssa, shows him around.
  • Nyssa is grim and intense. She talks more about the curse, and tells him about how a haywire metal dragon that they built has gone nuts and is wreaking havoc around the camp.
  • It's the dragon that put Jake in a body cast, and they're setting traps to try to destroy it.
  • They bait the traps with motor oil and Tabasco sauce because the dragon likes motor oil with Tabasco sauce. How can a dragon who likes Tabasco sauce be evil? How can anyone who likes Tabasco sauce be evil? Tabasco goes great with hot wings and tacos, two of our favorite foods. Motor oil, however, not so much. But we digress…
  • Leo wants them to capture the dragon, but they point out that it breathes fire, so getting close is problematic.
  • Leo asks if they're fireproof as children of Hephaestus, but they aren't. The last child of Hephaestus with fire powers started the Great Fire of London. Whoops.
  • Staying behind for a moment after everyone heads off to dinner, Leo thinks about how he's always been the class clown and gotten along by running away and/or making people laugh.
  • He also reveals he has power over fire, which he hasn't used since his mom died.

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