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The Lost Hero Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


  • Jason sees camp headquarters and feels like everything is wrong and he doesn't belong.
  • Drew tries to flirt with Jason, but Jason isn't especially interested, partly because he feels committed to Piper, even though he doesn't remember her.
  • Chiron the centaur shows up and tells Jason he should be dead. Not a very friendly introduction.
  • But even though he thinks Jason should be dead, Chiron asks him to come along. Chiron then puts himself in a magic wheelchair that makes him look like a guy in a wheelchair rather than a centaur. We're not really sure why, though, since everyone at camp knows he's a centaur. Whatever floats his boat, though.
  • Much chatting ensues. Chiron's house has a sentient leopard head which eats Snausages. Cute.
  • They discover that Jason knows Latin, which is a weird thing for a Greek demigod. Chiron says various ominous things about how Jason is in danger, but won't elaborate.
  • Jason has a sudden vision of a god who tells him that she took his memory, that he has to free her, and that he belongs to her.
  • Chiron doesn't see the vision, but when Jason tells him about it he seems to know what's going on.
  • Before he can say anything, though, Annabeth bursts in to tell them about Piper's vision, and that she's afraid Piper's dead.

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