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The Lost Hero Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


  • Piper's not dead, so worry not. She's just in a coma of some kind and everyone is freaked out.
  • They figure out that the woman who spoke to Jason and Piper is the goddess Hera, or Juno in her Roman aspect.
  • They speculate about what's going on, and then they speculate some more. Chiron announces he can't help them, which upsets everybody. More speculation ensues.
  • Finally they stop speculating, and Annabeth takes Jason to Cabin Fifteen, where the kids of Hypnos, god of sleep, hang out. Annabeth thinks the Hypnos kids may be able to retrieve Jason's memory.
  • In the cabin they meet Clovis, who sleeps all the time. No really—Annabeth steals his pillow to get him to stay awake long enough to talk to them.
  • Clovis explains that the Roman gods are not exactly the same as the Greek gods; they have different aspects and stand for slightly different things. Roman Gods are more about discipline and honor.
  • Clovis also tells Jason that if Hera took his memory, only she can give it back.
  • Then Clovis goes back to sleep. Nighty night, Clovis.

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