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The Lost Hero Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


  • Piper is dreaming about her last day with her dad, which the two of them spent surfing.
  • We learn that Piper's dad is a big shot celebrity movie star.
  • In memory, Piper thinks about appropriating the BMW, and how she keeps stealing bigger and bigger things to get her dad's attention.
  • Her dad notices she's distracted and they play a game called Any Three Questions, which is basically what it sounds like. Piper asks if her mom is dead.
  • Her dad starts talking about walking to the land of the dead, which seems unnecessarily creepy, but Piper takes it in stride.
  • Piper asks if her dad believes the Cherokee or Greek legends about the land of the dead, and her dad says he thinks he'd crack up if he did believe them.
  • Then Dad's evil assistant Jane shows up to tell him about Piper stealing the car. Her dad is disappointed and ships her off to boarding school.
  • End of dream one. Dream two on deck.
  • Dream two is a giant warning Piper to do his bidding or he'll eat her father (who is conveniently located on a stake nearby). The giant helpfully tells her his name is Enceladus.
  • Done dreaming, Piper wakes up at Camp Half-Blood, where Chiron has healed her with nectar.
  • Rachel the oracle chats with her, and Piper mopes about Jason and having to betray everyone. Mope, mope, mope. It's a little tiresome, but to be fair she's had a bad day.
  • They go off to the campfire where Rachel thinks Piper's mom will claim her.

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