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The Lost Hero Courage

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The Lost Hero is about heroes, and heroes are about courage. In fact, the plot is basically organized so that each of the main characters gets to prove their bravery—Leo by overcoming his childhood fear of his fire powers to zap the Cyclopes; Piper by telling her friends that her dad is kidnapped even though she's afraid the giant will kill him; and Jason by overcoming his fear of failing his friends and taking on one giant, then the next; Coach Hedge by grabbing his stick and charging storm spirits or giants while shouting "I got this" when he's clearly horribly outmatched. And the thing is, silly though Coach Hedge seems at times, we're reading this book at least partly in hopes of seeing the little guy bravely attack that thing he really shouldn't attack. Coach Hedge trained his kids right, and The Lost Hero doesn't disappoint.

Questions About Courage

  1. Aphrodite tells Piper that the "noblest, bravest acts are done for love" (39.56). Does love in the novel generally make Piper braver? Does it sometimes make her less brave?
  2. Are any of the monsters or bad guys in the book ever brave? Do you need to be the underdog to be brave?
  3. Is Hedge brave or stupid? Is there a difference?

Chew on This

Tristan McClean showed courage when he erased his memories.

Hera takes a lot of risks with her plots, but since much of the harm if she fails will come to other people, she's not really courageous.

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