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Minor Characters in The Luminaries

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Minor Characters


He's Nilssen's clerk. He helps bring messages back and forth between Nilssen and Pritchard.

Augustus and Jock

They are Lauderback's manservants.

Dr. Gillies

He's the local doctor, and he gets called to help when our characters get injured/faint/etc.

Mr. Everhard

He brings Shepard the news that Sook has bought a gun, since Shepard had put a watch out on him.

Justice Kemp

He presides over Anna and Emery's trial.

Lawrence Broham, Roger Harrington, and John Fellowes

They are the prosecutors on Anna and Emery's case. Fellowes (of the Magistrate's Court) had originally been Anna's lawyer.

Ellis Drake

He is the duty sergeant in charge of transporting Carver when he's arrested at Anna and Emery's trial. While he's driving, someone kills Carver.


He's a guy at the docks in Dunedin whom Crosbie approaches when he wants to get out of Dunedin (after carving up Frank's face).

Paddy Ryan

He is walking in the same direction as Walter Moody when they're leaving Hokitika. He encourages Walter to tell him a story while they walk…little does he know what he's signing up for.


He is Pritchard's assistant.

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