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The Luminaries Part 2, Chapter 6

By Eleanor Catton

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Part 2, Chapter 6

Sun in Aquarius (18 February 1866)

  • Now we're with Ah Sook, who misses Anna Wetherell a lot. He decides to head to Hokitika that afternoon and demand to see her.
  • The narrative then takes us through just what Sook knew and didn't know after the council at the Crown Hotel. Because of the language barrier between him and the other men in the council, he didn't catch everything that was discussed—including the fact that Anna had changed hotels and Carver was the master of the Godspeed. He still believes Carver was likely in Guangdong, as Balfour had originally told him.
  • So, he goes to the Gridiron first to look for Anna, but he is directed to the Wayfarer.
  • When he knocks there, Anna answers. She is sober…and not entirely happy to see him. She tells him he can't come in, and she can't see him anymore.
  • Sook is trying to get more information when Lydia appears next to Anna. Ah Sook recognizes her and is totally shocked. She recognizes him as well. Neither one of them betrays their acquaintance to Anna.
  • Anna tries to get Ah Sook to leave, but then Wells insists that Sook come to the séance that night to provide an "Oriental presence."
  • Anna quickly figures out that Sook and Lydia somehow know each other, especially after Sook mentions Carver to Lydia. However, she doesn't press them about it.
  • Lydia takes Sook and Anna through how she plans to use Sook at the séance.
  • They start discussing Emery Staines. Ah Sook is excited to hear that Staines will be there, since it means he's been found. He doesn't understand that they mean his spirit.
  • They then finalize arrangements for Sook to come that night and participate in the séance (or, well, really just sit there to achieve a certain look).
  • Sook goes off to find Quee, since he knows he'll be anxious to talk to Staines now that he's "back."
  • Lydia exits the hotel with Sook, heading over to the Palace Hotel. Anna watches her go, reflecting that she must be visiting a very important person at that swank hotel.

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