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The Luminaries Part 3, Chapter 2

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Part 3, Chapter 2

Sun in Pisces (20 March 1866)

  • We start out getting some updates on Lydia and Anna. Then, we meet up with Cowell Devlin as he's about to go visit Anna. He has waited until he knew Lydia would be out.
  • He introduces himself and explains he has something important to discuss with her. Although she's forbidden to have visitors when Lydia isn't around, she invites him in.
  • They discuss her thinness and her sudden independence from her opium addiction. As with Sook, Anna claims it just kind of happened.
  • Devlin then comes out with the reason for his visit: the half-burned deed. At first, Anna is simply distracted by the fact that she can read it—since she doesn't actually know how to read.
  • Cowell explains how he came to find the paper and asks that Anna tell him everything she knows, since she seems to be at the heart of basically every mystery and crime in the book.
  • After chatting some more about the deed and what it means, Anna asks Devlin to go pour the tea and give her some time alone. Once he leaves, Anna goes and signs Emery's name to the deed. She has never seen his signature before, but she is sure she has written it perfectly …
  • When Devlin comes back, he is furious. Anna maintains that it is Emery's genuine signature, and the deed is good.
  • She grabs the deed and hides it in her dress, claiming that she'll cry out if Devlin gets to close to her. He agrees to leave, but first he asks if she knew that the dresses containing the gold had come from Lydia Wells. She admits that she suspected, and she tells him all she knows about the gold in her dresses (and how she knew). She also mentions that she never told Lydia about the gold in her gowns.
  • She then tells Devlin that Staines is not dead—and she knows because she's been getting messages from him. In her head.
  • As they're talking, Lydia returns.

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