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The Luminaries Part 3, Chapter 5

By Eleanor Catton

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Part 3, Chapter 5

Jupiter in Capricorn (20 March 1866)

  • Now we're at the Hokitika Courthouse, where Lydia Wells's appeal to have the sale of her hubby's estate revoked was recently approved—which is why Wells had just been at the courthouse prior to meeting with Devlin and Anna.
  • Gascoigne is there dealing with various matters, including a letter and some documents from the Garrity Group regarding a claim Carver filed for the Godspeed. In looking over Carver's letter asking for repair money, Gascoigne silently commends Carver for his ambiguous way of signing his name that makes it appear (possibly) like there's a C in front of it.
  • Then Lauderback shows up to try to contest the disbursement of funds to Carver, claiming that Carver committed fraud when he bought the boat from Lauderback.
  • They go back and forth about Carver's behavior and talk about his history.
  • Gascoigne wishes Lauderback luck, but he doesn't seem at all sure the attempt to block the money will go off. And he has to go bring the paperwork from Garrity to the bank.
  • Now Anna and Devlin are at the Garrick's Head Hotel having a bit to eat/drink.
  • Devlin gets right to it and asks Anna where Staines is. She says she doesn't know—she just has a feeling that he's alive and somewhere inland. She says she's been having these feelings since her blackout.
  • As a result of these claims, Devlin starts thinking that Anna is out of her mind.
  • As they get up from their meal, Devlin says he'll escort her to the courthouse but not inside, and he refuses to lie for her about the forged signature on the deed, if he's asked. She thanks him for the food—and for telling off Lydia Wells.
  • Then Anna enters the courthouse and sits down with a man named Fellowes to talk about the deed. She claims she received it anonymously that morning.
  • Fellowes tells her that Staines's claims have been surrendered. Anna then mentions the 2,000 pounds that belong to Staines from the money found in Wells's cottage.
  • Fellowes wants to know if she has proof that that money belongs to Staines, she tells him the gold was found retorted with the Aurora's name on it.
  • Fellowes agrees to be her lawyer and help her figure this out—as long as she pays the retainer up front. She says she can't, but she'll pay him 200 pounds in cash if he clears the funds she believes are owed to her within two weeks.
  • He says he'll go to the Reserve Bank to check out her story about retortion, and if it checks out they will draw up a contract—and if not, he won't help her. His attitude gets pretty chilly once he remembers who she is (i.e., that she had previously been a prostitute).

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