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The Luminaries Part 3, Chapter 6

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Part 3, Chapter 6

Moon in Aries, Crescent (20 March 1866)

  • Now we're with Te Rau, who is walking through the Arahura River. When ends up near Crosbie Wells's cabin, he soon realizes that someone is inside. Upon entering the cabin, he finds Emery Staines.
  • Staines seems a little discombobulated. He claims he had buried something. Also, he thinks he's been missing for only three days.
  • Then Te Rau sees the nasty wound in Staines's shoulder and realizes he needs medical attention.
  • Staines keeps talking about gold that he's buried on Maori land. When Te Rau asks where he's been, Staines says he's been looking for his bonanza.
  • Staines seems a little loopy and rambly, but Te Rau tries to keep his eyes on the prize and focus on getting Staines medical attention. He decides to go get some medicine/alert Dr. Gillies and get back to Staines as soon as possible.

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