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The Luminaries Part 3, Chapter 7

By Eleanor Catton

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Part 3, Chapter 7

Mars in Aquarius (20 March 1866)

  • Now we join up with Ah Sook, who is in hiding. He is aware that people will really be after him now that he has bought a gun to kill Carver.
  • He's having a hard time staying under the radar, so he heads to an unlikely place—Shepard's house. Ya know, the house of the guy who has a warrant out for him.
  • Margaret, his old friend and savior from back in Sydney, answers the door. She agrees to hide him, despite her reservations.
  • While he's hiding, he hears Carver come to visit. They discuss the fact that Ah Sook is after him. Carver alludes to Margaret's history with Ah Sook and the fact that she saved him back in Sydney…something that George isn't likely to have forgiven (you see, he was Jeremy's brother, as we find out a bit later). Carver says George wants his own revenge…hmm, interesting …
  • Ah Sook had started to sneak up on Carver while this chat was going on, but Carver left before he could bring it off. However, Margaret finds him poised (i.e., out of his hiding place under the bed) and yells at him for putting her in such a tough spot.
  • She then resolves to get Sook dressed up like an English gentleman so he can go out in public without getting immediately apprehended …

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