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The Luminaries Part 3, Chapter 8

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Part 3, Chapter 8

Nga Potiki A Rehua / The Children of Antares (20 March 1866)

  • Meanwhile, Te Rau has fetched Pritchard and is taking him back to Crosbie's house.
  • At the same time, Charlie Frost is answering Fellowes's questions about the fortune found at Crosbie's estate. He confirms what Anna told him about it being smelted.
  • Then Frost sees the deed and notices it has been signed in Staines's hand since he last saw it, which suggests to the lawyer that Staines is definitely alive.
  • Then, Löwenthal goes to Pritchard's store to get some liver pills, and finds out from the assistant Giles that Pritchard went off with a Maori gentleman who came asking for medicine for someone else. He had apparently been muttering something about "the whore's bullet."
  • Elsewhere, Anna has gone to chill out at the Gridiron until she returns to the courthouse to talk to Fellowes at the appointed time. She fills Edgar Clinch in on her plans to contest Lydia's claims to Crosbie's money.
  • Now we're back to Löwenthal, who is on his way back to his office when Mannering calls out for him in the street. He tells Löwenthal about the warrant against Ah Sook.
  • Löwenthal says in return that he has news of his own—about Staines.
  • At roughly the same time, Quee gets a visit. The man claims Quee is being summoned to the courthouse to discuss the fortune he dug up.
  • Now we're back with Fellowes, who is heading over to Harald Nilssen's office. When he gets there, he shows Nilssen Anna's burnt contract.
  • Nilssen kind of hems and haws when he's asked if he's seen it before, but he can (and does) honestly say that that document was not among the possessions he found when he was commissioned to clear the Wells estate.
  • Back with Staines, Pritchard and Te Rau have arrived and are about to give him opium. Staines mentions that he never heard the shot that created the wound, since he was "in the coffin at the time." Um, okay …
  • They note that he's not really that thin, which seems impossible—something or someone appears to have been feeding him. Hmm …
  • They then give him the opium to put him out.
  • Meanwhile, Lauderback has just left the courthouse and is heading to Balfour's house to lament that Carver's bill of sale is going to stand.
  • Balfour suggests going to talk to the Commissioner or the Magistrate—or Shepard. Lauderback scoffs at the last suggestion, given their recent feud. Balfour objects that Shepard has history with Carver, and Lauderback responds that this is the first he's hearing of it.
  • Back at the courthouse, Anna is returning. She greets Gascoigne quickly before going in to talk to Fellowes privately. However, she passes out suddenly for mysterious reasons. There is a powerful smell of opium in the room, but no evidence that she took the drug. Hmmm …
  • Now we're at Shepard's house, where Lauderback arrives to try to get a word with George. She sends him away, since George isn't there. Sook listens from his hiding place.
  • Back at the jailhouse, Devlin is making room for Anna Wetherell, who was being incarcerated.
  • While he and Gascoigne are talking, Pritchard comes in with Staines and explains where he was found.
  • Gascoigne asks them not to take Staines to the hospital, as he doubts Staines would last there.
  • They help Staines down from the trap and tell him Anna is inside. He says he wants to see her.
  • Devlin says to bring him inside until the doctor can get there, since it's what he wants.

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