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The Luminaries Part 4, Chapter 6

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Part 4, Chapter 6

Crux (27 April 1866)

  • And we're back in 1866 (aka the present) again. Te Rau is outside the courthouse chatting up the duty sergeant (Drake).
  • Suddenly, the bailiff comes out and announces that the Justice wants Carver transported back to Seaview right now.
  • Drake asks if Te Rau wants to come along on the ride, since he's coming right back to hear the verdict. Te Rau stares at the latch on the carriage door and…declines. Hmm, wonder what that's about?
  • Back in the courtroom, Emery Staines is sentenced to nine months of hard labor. Anna is acquitted.
  • Suddenly, there's a crash outside, and Drake comes rushing into the courthouse. He announces that Carver is dead—somehow, someone got into the carriage between the courthouse and Seaview and bashed his head in. There's a commotion in the wake of this news, naturally.

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