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The Luminaries Part 4, Chapter 9

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Part 4, Chapter 9

Sun & Moon in Conjunction (New Moon) (27 April 1865)

  • And you guessed it—we're back in 1865.
  • Lydia Wells returned to the House of Many Wishes and learned that Crosbie had come back from the Otago highlands…and had been hanging out with Anna all afternoon. He had left, promising to return in the morning.
  • Lydia told the maid that if she was not in when Crosbie called the next day, she was to show him to Anna's room.
  • Lydia then went to talk to Anna. Anna seemed embarrassed about something…
  • While they were talking, she asked Anna her birthday so she could do her chart. She learned that Anna had the same birthday and birth year as the boy "Edward" (i.e., Emery) she had just met. Lydia said that meant the two shared a destiny and were "astral soul-mates."
  • In this discussion, Lydia dropped that she was "Mrs. Crosbie Wells." Anna was shocked and seemingly upset. Hmm, we wonder what she got up to with Crosbie that afternoon …

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