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The Luminaries Part 5, Chapter 8

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Part 5, Chapter 8

Makeweights (12 May 1865)

  • Crosbie then went down to the docs to talk to a guy named Bill, whom he apparently already knew. He told him he was in a pickle—he needed to get away, but his papers and most of his money had been stolen.
  • Bill told him there was a schooner called the Blanche leaving for Hokitika the next day. However, he then noticed that there was an inventory that was supposedly authorized by Crosbie—and it was headed to Melbourne. Naturally, Crosbie had no idea about the shipment, since this was the trunk Carver had sent using his name.
  • Crosbie explained that the inventory was filed falsely under his name and suggested just having the trunk sent to Hokitika—that way, it wouldn't be going offshore and therefore wouldn't be evading duty, since that was evidently Carver's intent. And after all, it was In Crosbie's name, so shouldn't he be able to alter the destination?
  • It turned out that Crosbie and the crate could not travel by the same boat (which, it seems, is how that crate got lost).

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