Study Guide

The Luminaries Part 6, Chapter 3

By Eleanor Catton

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Part 6, Chapter 3

Te-Ra-O-Tainui (18 June 1865)

  • As promised, Staines banked the nugget for Crosbie and gave him the money (about 100 pounds).
  • The men parted on good terms, with Crosbie saying Staines should come by at any time. Staines promised not to tell anyone about Crosbie/his whereabouts/the gold. Crosbie then left for the land agent's office, and Staines remained on the steps of the Reserve Bank.
  • A bit later, while Staines was still sitting there, a bellman came up shouting that the Titania had shipwrecked.
  • Then, he saw Wells and another man exit the land office and get into a carriage.

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