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The Maltese Falcon Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Three Women

  • Spade arrives at his office the next morning at 10 to find Iva Archer already there waiting for him.
  • She asks Spade if he killed Miles. When he refuses to answer, Iva becomes apologetic and cries. Spade kisses her… looks like he has been having an affair with his partner's wife. The plot thickens.
  • After ordering Iva to leave, Spade tells Effie to remove all of Archer's belongings from the office. Effie also tells Spade that when she broke the news of Miles death to Iva last night, Iva pretended that she had been asleep, but Effie could tell that she had been out and that the bed hadn't actually been slept in.
  • Spade goes to Miss Wonderly's hotel, but she has already checked out. Back at the office, Spade learns from Effie that Miss Wonderly had called to leave a message: She's at the Coronet, and he's to ask for Miss Leblanc. Checking-in under a fake name, what's next?

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