Study Guide

The Martian Chapter 3

By Andy Weir

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Chapter 3

  • We're on Day 30 and Mark's plan is finally shaping up. The soil had been mixed and it looks great. The potatoes are ready to be planted. There's just one problem—Mark has nowhere near enough water.
  • A few days later, Mark gets an idea (a stupid one, but an idea nonetheless)—he's going to combine the Hab's reserves of hydrogen and oxygen to create water. Easy enough, right?
  • Here's the catch—the process of "liberating hydrogen from hydrazine" is essentially the same as creating a bomb (3.76). One false move and Mark will be blown to smithereens.
  • Plus, he hasn't figured out how to actually collect the hydrogen. Oh well. He considers the possibilities while watching old reruns of Three's Company that Commander Lewis had brought along. There's nothing like vegging in front of some retro TV to get your mind working.

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