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The Maze Runner Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Thomas runs through the dim light of the forest sprinting after the beetle blade, but he loses it when it scurries up a tree. He hears a twig snap, but can't identify where the sound came from.
  • He heads towards the noise, and is led to the graveyard where a dozen or so markers are scattered, some much older than others.
  • The newest grave, made hurriedly it seems, bears the name of Stephen. Something tells us this might be important information later in the story.
  • The oldest grave belongs to George, overgrown with weeds and brush.
  • Then, he sees a short grave with—believe it or not—a window into the ground. Thomas sees the dusty remains of half of a body, and words etched on the glass: Let this half-shank be a warning to all: You can't escape through the Box hole. Message: received.
  • When the sound of twigs snapping grows louder and closer, Thomas sees a boy crashing through the woods towards him, and before he can do anything he's attacked by the visitor.
  • They struggle, the boy snapping his teeth and using a grave marker as a weapon, and then he bites Thomas on the shoulder.
  • Thomas gets away from the boy and realizes that he's crazed: it's the sick boy, Ben.
  • (Every chapter ends with a twist or cliffhanger, so let's just picture this guy after every one, shall we?)

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