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The Maze Runner Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Alby thinks Minho is playing a joke on him. They've never seen a dead Griever before. He asks a bunch of questions: were its spikes still out? Was it still moist? (Eww again.)
  • Minho says that Alby has to see it for himself, but he's too tired to make the trip again today. They plan on going out first thing after the Wake-up.
  • Alby accuses Thomas of knowing something and not 'fessing up. For once, Thomas stands up for himself and asks why everyone keeps thinking that he knows something about all of the strange occurrences.
  • Alby says that all the weird things started happening after Thomas showed up, so it can't all be coincidence. He still acts suspicious, but Thomas promises that if he knew anything he'd tell him.
  • Thomas retreats back to a tree for a little snooze when Chuck finds him and says that Ben isn't really dead. When the Baggers went to go get him they discovered he was alive, and threw him in the Slammer. There was already a Gathering of the Keepers in the morning, and it's been decided that Ben is going to be Banished for attacking Thomas. The most disturbing thing about all the news is that Chuck smiles while he's revealing the information. How sinister. The author should've had him wringing his hands and twirling a handlebar mustache.
  • That night, all the Gladers gather by the East Door before it closes, and they drag Ben from the prison with a bandaged head
  • Alby orders Newt to "get the Pole" from the shed, and Thomas is horrified to discover that at the end of the pole is a loop of rough leather: a collar.

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