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The Maze Runner Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • Minho is pretty mad that Thomas broke the number one rule and ran out into the Maze. So much for gratitude.
  • Alby has been stung by the dead Griever… which was only playing dead. Because he didn't make it back into the Glade by sundown, he won't be able to get the Serum and will most likely die.
  • Thomas is taught a pretty important distinction: the Grievers always show up at night, but that doesn't mean they never come out during the day.
  • Minho begins to paint a pretty bleak picture, and no matter how many suggestions Thomas comes up with, Minho is able to say either why it won't work or nix it because they've tried it before and failed.
  • They drag Alby closer to the door, so that the Baggers will be able to find his body in the morning.
  • Minho admits that he's never been this scared. They have no hope of survival.
  • That's when they hear the noise. It's a constant whirring that sounds like knives being struck together, followed by a series of clicks and moans.
  • Minho abruptly runs off into the dark, and tells Thomas that they need to split up to increase their chances. His only advice is to just keep moving. Great.

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