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The Maze Runner Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • The Griever looks like a hot mess. It is part animal, part machine, and covered in slime and sparse patches of hair. It's impossible to tell if it even has a head, but it's about six feet long and four feet thick.
  • Every few seconds, sharp metal spikes pop through its flesh and the Griever curls into a ball and spins like a top. Whoever created these things was trippin' on something, that's for sure.
  • The Griever also has randomly placed mechanical limbs that all serve a different purpose: flashlight, needles, even a claw like the one from the arcade game. If only it was just reaching for a cheap stuffed animal.
  • Even weirder, in addition to the metallic whirring sounds it makes it also groans like a person dying a horrible death.
  • The Griever seems confused at first as to how to get to Thomas and Alby who are still dangling from the vines off the wall.
  • But then the Griever turns off its lights, and starts to climb the wall.

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