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The Maze Runner Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • Seeing no other choice, Thomas decides to go down fighting and rushes straight at the Griever who is still pursuing him. It confuses the Griever just enough so that when Thomas plants a foot and then dodges quickly to the right, the Griever zooms right past him. He's now free to run from all four of them. (Little victories, guys.)
  • A little way down the corridor Thomas is startled when Minho pops out of nowhere and grabs him. They run off together, and Minho says that he digs the dodge move Thomas did, and now he's got a plan.
  • Minho leads them to the Cliff—an abrupt ending to the Maze where it falls off the edge of the earth into oblivion.
  • Even though it seems like they've only been running for about an hour, dawn is starting to make its appearance over the horizon.
  • Minho's plan is to lure the Grievers into charging them at the edge of the Cliff and then jumping out of the way at the last second. Thank goodness the Grievers are really dumb.
  • The plan works for the first three stupid blobs, but the fourth one is able to cling to the edge. This time both boys Spartan-kick it over the Cliff, but instead of high-fiving in victory like they should have, they just lean over the edge and watch as it disappears without a trace.
  • Thomas decides that this is a good time to cry.

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