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The Maze Runner Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • Sore and exhausted, the boys are shocked that they managed to survive a whole night in the Maze. Thomas is hopeful that they've killed all the Grievers, but Minho shoots that idea down with a derisive snort.
  • Then, Thomas is perplexed by how the Grievers seemed to disappear after they fell rather than fall until they faded out of sight. Minho admits that other Gladers had the same idea, but by throwing a rock over the side they were proved wrong.
  • Thomas suddenly remembers Alby is still dangling from the wall, so they rush back to get him even though Minho is convinced he should be dead by now. All the boys who've been stung in the past either died in the Maze or made it back before the Walls closed to receive the Serum—so they wonder whether the Serum will work after a whole night spent in the Maze.
  • Its full name is the "Grief Serum," and apparently it is delivered every week via the Box along with other supplies by the Creators.
  • When they get back to the Wall the doors are open and Newt and some other boys are waiting for them, though they're flabbergasted that the boys survived the night. When Thomas tells them they still have to rescue Alby, Newt is even more shocked.
  • Newt forbids Minho and Thomas from doing anything other than going to the Med-jacks and getting themselves some rest.
  • As they walk into the Glade everyone is staring at them, but Gally is glowering at Thomas. Thomas meets his eye contact and stares him down like a dog asserting dominance.
  • They are escorted to their own rooms in the Homestead, get patched up, and then Thomas falls fast asleep.
  • Chuck wakes Thomas up and tells him that the Serum worked and Alby is okay, but he's just started going through the Changing.

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