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The Maze Runner Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • At the Gathering Thomas is seated in a chair surrounded by eleven other boys in a semicircle. He isn't allowed to speak until the end of the meeting, but we all know keeping quiet isn't exactly Thomas's strong point.
  • Newt is the surrogate leader in Alby's absence, so he runs the meeting even though Gally resentfully interrupts.
  • The meeting has been assembled to discuss Thomas's fate because he broke the Number One Rule when he went out into the Maze at night. However, he then successfully saved Alby and Minho, so the boys are torn about whether to reprimand or reward him.
  • Every Keeper gets to have a say before Newt makes a decision. Zart (the Gardens Keeper) is on the fence. Gally continues to angrily interrupt proceedings to speak against Thomas.
  • Frypan admires Thomas's courage and recommends that he take charge and train them on how he beat the Grievers. Oops, that was maybe going a bit too far.
  • Winston (Keeper of the Blood House) thinks that he should be put in the Slammer for a week as an example to the other Gladers so that they maintain order.
  • Gally accuses Thomas of being a spy for the Creators, and lists the bizarre occurrences since his arrival as proof. He recommends that Thomas be locked in the Slammer for a month and then they have another Gathering to make a decision.
  • Then it is Minho's turn and he shoots for the moon: he votes that Thomas be made the new Keeper of the Runners.

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