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The Maze Runner Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

  • Thomas, Newt, and Chuck go to see Alby, but they make poor Chuck wait at the bottom of the stairs. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
  • Luckily, Alby has passed the swollen, green, writhing in pain phase of the Change, and now is just really, really tired. He kicks everyone out but Newt.
  • Its confessional time: during the Changing, Alby remembered who Thomas is, who the girl is, and something called "the Flare." Like the others, he thinks that the Glade is actually better than reality, and they should just live there and be happy. But, as he starts to explain everything, he begins to choke himself with his own hands.
  • Thomas calls for Newt to help restrain Alby and the two boys gradually wrestle his hands away from his throat. The weirdest thing is that Alby says it wasn't him making his hands move, but that it was like someone else was controlling his body.
  • Before he passes out from exhaustion, Alby says to be careful with the girl, and to protect the Maps.

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