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The Maze Runner Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

  • Newt convinces Thomas to get some lunch with him while they discuss what just happened and their plan going forward.
  • They agree that they need to find Gally and throw him in the Slammer for threatening Thomas.
  • Tomorrow Thomas has to go to the Slammer, but then he gets to train with Minho to become a Runner.
  • Everyone who's been through the Changing—and even Snow White—has said that Thomas is going to change everything, and it's time for Thomas to accept that he's different.
  • Thomas confesses to Newt that the Glade felt vaguely familiar, so they agree to go stare at the girl in the hopes that it might trigger some memory.
  • So there Thomas is, staring at the girl and realizing that he knows her from somewhere (sometime?), and just as he's trying to remember her name it pops into his head: Teresa. The strangest part, though, is that he hears it in his head.
  • Turns out, Teresa is telepathic, and she has a connection with Thomas from before the Glade. She remembers him but her memory is fading. She repeats that they are the last ones, and then says that they can pass the "Trials," because it has to end and she is the trigger.
  • When she tells Tom (that's what she calls him) that they are the ones who did this to the other boys, he freaks out and runs off into the Glade.

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