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The Maze Runner Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • Alby is the one who releases Thomas at the end of the day, and Thomas is shocked by how great Alby looks despite everything he just went through.
  • Alby admits he feels like crap even though he doesn't look like it, and that the memories that he was so desperate to relay to Thomas are already starting to fade away. One thing he can't forget, though, is that he saw Thomas helping the Creators.
  • He also alludes to the world being so awful that the Glade is like Heaven in comparison, but won't elaborate because he's too scared he'll start strangling himself again.
  • They contemplate whether the Serum might plant false memories instead of showing them the truth, but either way they'll never know the answer.
  • Thomas retreats to his place in the Deadheads to go to sleep after a delicious dinner.
  • He pulls a Scarlett O'Hara as he's falling asleep, and promises himself that tomorrow is another day.

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