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The Maze Runner Chapter 32

By James Dashner

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Chapter 32

  • Minho wakes Thomas up before dawn, and shockingly he's not insanely grumpy about it.
  • Minho leads him to a supply closet and equips him with new running shoes, a wristwatch, a backpack full of supplies, and special underwear affectionately dubbed "Runnie-undies." (That's the best name you guys could come up with? Really?)
  • Apparently, they can request supplies from the Creators by dropping a note in the Box.
  • Then Minho brings Thomas into a hidden supply room that is filled with weapons. Thomas selects a few sharp knives, and they head to breakfast.
  • After they eat Minho finally gives Thomas a tour of the Map Room. There are eight trunks that contain maps and a table surrounded by eight chairs.
  • Minho explains their system: there are eight sections of the Maze with the Glade in the middle, and each Runner is responsible for one section, which they run and map every day because the walls move every night at the same time the doors close.
  • The Runners have been keeping track of wall movements since the beginning. They have noticed that there seems to be a pattern that repeats itself on a monthly basis, but they haven't found anything even resembling an exit.
  • Since Thomas is in training, his job will be to follow Minho around, and he thinks that's a pretty sweet deal.

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