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The Maze Runner Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

  • Minho and Thomas stand at the edge of the Cliff and admit to themselves that there's gotta be something funky about the way the Grievers just vanish instead of falling to their deaths. They decide to test their theory by throwing rocks in a grid-pattern.
  • Eventually one of the rocks that they throw disappears instead of falling. Then another. They have discovered a square only a few feet in area that seems to be like a black holeā€”and it's within jumping distance.
  • They nickname it the Griever Hole, and go back to mapping out their section just in case it's not the only anomaly on such a weird day.
  • Thomas keeps begging Minho to stay in the Glade overnight again to see if they can find an exit then, but Minho keeps saying "not yet."
  • When they get back to the Glade that evening, Minho shows Thomas how to draw his own Map and how to compare that section to maps from other days. He keeps feeling like he's missing something about the map analysis but can't quite put his finger on it.
  • Just when they are about to find Alby and Newt to pass on what they discovered, those two find them as they're exiting the Map Room, and boy are they grumpy.
  • The supplies, which normally come in the Box every week at the same time on the same day, didn't come.
  • Disaster checklist:
  • No sun? Check.
  • Plants and animals going to die? Check.
  • No supplies from Creators? Check.
  • Minho and Thomas tell Alby and Newt about the Griever Hole, and while they're debating what to do about it there is a commotion by the Homestead.
  • The girl is awake.
  • Thomas hears her in his head again, saying that the Maze is a code. Oh, and please come get me, I don't know who all these boys are.

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