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The Maze Runner Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

  • Instead of saving her from the excited boys that have surrounded her bedside, Thomas runs to his secret hideout in the Deadhead forest, but she finds him there.
  • Teresa says that forgetting him was the worst part of the whole ordeal. She's upset that he can't remember her.
  • All Thomas can think to say is that he likes how she calls him Tom.
  • He wants to know how she can talk in his head, and she admits that she doesn't know how, just that she can.
  • Although her memories are fading like everyone else's, Teresa seems to know more. She knows that she and Thomas are really smart, that they've been put in the Glade for a reason, and that they're being used somehow. She knows that she triggered the Ending, but doesn't really know what that means.
  • When Teresa telepathically told Thomas that the Maze is a code it was her way of desperately communicating one last memory before it faded. She also wrote "WICKED is good" on her arm, but can't remember why.
  • The two of them feel comforted by each other, which only confirms that they must've known each other really well before their memories were wiped.
  • Just as they are holding hands and getting sappy, Alby, Newt, and a few other boys find them.
  • Alby is mad at Thomas because the fact that Teresa ran straight to him when she woke up hints at some kind of plot. She admits that she triggered the Ending but doesn't know what that means.
  • The real reason Alby is so pissed, though, is because it's officially night (even though without the sun it's hard to tell), and the Doors didn't shut. Uh-oh.

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