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The Maze Runner Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

  • Update to disaster checklist:
  • No sun? Check.
  • Plants and animals going to die? Check.
  • No supplies from Creators? Check.
  • Doors that protect them from Grievers didn't close? Check.
  • In typical paranoid-leader fashion, Alby has Teresa thrown in the Slammer because he knows she has something to do with everything, though he has no idea what.
  • Thomas tries to reassure her by speaking telepathically, but she doesn't respond so it probably didn't work.
  • Back in the middle of the Glade things have erupted into chaos.
  • All the boys are going to sleep in the Homestead, which is being barricaded against the inevitable Griever attack.
  • Frypan is making boys bring all of the nonperishable food into the Homestead in case they get trapped there.
  • Minho has ordered the weapon room's stock to be brought there as well, but he is on some secret special assignment from Newt.
  • Thomas begs Newt to release Teresa, and he agrees to let her out tomorrow when they've had a chance to figure some things out. He also convinces him that a few boys need to stay out in the Maze overnight for analysis, especially since staying in the Glade no longer offers protection.
  • Thomas goes to the Slammer to say goodnight to Teresa and to let her know he's got her back before going into the Homestead for the night.

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