Study Guide

The Maze Runner Chapter 38

By James Dashner

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Chapter 38

  • The boys are all crammed into the Homestead like girls at a Justin Bieber concert, so Newt, Alby, Minho, and Thomas decide to bunk together in order to finish their conversation from the courtyard.
  • They decide to have boys studying the Maps harder than ever while a few of the Runners stay out in the Maze for a few days to try and figure things out.
  • Alby is still cranky from going through the Changing and suggests the possibility that he's not the best choice for a leader right now.
  • Alby then volunteers to be in charge of the Maps, and suddenly decides that staying in the Homestead is a waste of timeā€”so he charges out to go to the Map Room before anyone can stop him.
  • Unsurprisingly, most of the boys can't sleep, so a lot of them are awake when the Griever attack begins.
  • Thomas guesses that there are three or four Grievers outside, and then one begins to climb up the side of the house.
  • All the boys are focused on the window of their room where a Griever has oddly paused in its quest to get in, when Gally comes charging in from the hallway.

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