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The Maze Runner Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

  • Gally is most definitely crazier than the craziest of cat ladies. He's foaming at the mouth and screaming that the Grievers will kill everyone, one a night, until it's all over. Then he sees Thomas and punches him in the ear. Honestly, who punches someone in the ear?
  • Newt pushes Gally away, and then Gally spookily starts muttering about how the Maze can't be solved, and the Grievers will kill everyone and "their stupid Variables" (39.6).
  • While everyone watches in disbelief, Gally pulls the boards down from the window and lets the Griever in.
  • Gally yells one more time to Thomas that he doesn't want to remember the real world (it's too awful), before being taken by the Griever.
  • The other Grievers retreat as well, so Gally was at least right about that stuff, and then Thomas notices that Minho is chasing after them.

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