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The Maze Runner Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

  • Once again Chaos rules the Glade. Boys are running around yelling and crying, and Thomas runs to the threshold of the Maze before being called back by Newt.
  • Newt starts to tell Thomas they have worse problems, when Minho reappears to let them know that he only chased the Grievers because he wanted to make sure that they had retreated to the Griever Hole.
  • Someone burned the trunks with all of the Maps in them.
  • Newt and Minho act like they know something Thomas doesn't, but Thomas doesn't care. All he wants to do is check on Teresa.
  • Thomas reports what happened to Gally, and his prediction that the Grievers will kill one of them every night.
  • Teresa, meanwhile, has had a bunch of time to think, especially about how the Maze is supposed to be a code, and that the Runners think there is a pattern.
  • Thomas goes one step further and realizes that they've always analyzed one section over time, but they've never compared all eight of the sections to each other.
  • What if the Maze is trying to spell something?
  • But… oh fiddlesticks. They can't go look at all of the Maps because someone just burned them to a crisp. If there was a code, then, now it's gone.

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