Study Guide

The Maze Runner Chapter 41

By James Dashner

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Chapter 41

  • Thomas runs to the Map Room and finds a group of boys, including Newt, huddled over a body by the entrance.
  • It's Alby, and it looks as though someone clobbered him over the head in order to sabotage the Maps.
  • Thomas is shocked at how blasé Minho seems to be about the Maps's destruction. He tells Thomas that he'll find out why soon enough.
  • Thomas, he of exquisite timing, decides that now he should tell Minho and Newt about the idea that the sections need to be viewed against each other because he and Teresa think the Maze is actually a giant code.
  • They all head to the Slammer to release Teresa because Thomas demands it—the other boys still trust her about as far as they could throw her.
  • When he expresses his dismay over the burning of the Maps, Minho and Newt finally tell him what they've been hiding: They hid the Maps the moment Alby warned them to keep them safe when he was coming out of the Changing. All of the Maps have been saved in the weapons room.

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